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  • Show time: 19:15-20:30
  • Full price:
  • 180/280/380/480/680
  • Reservation tel:
  • 135 5252 7373 english

Theatre Address

  • No.10 Dongzhimen
  • Nandajie, Dongcheng 
  • District, Beijing
  • 北京东城区南大街10号
  • 保利大厦北100米

Tiandi Theatre Repertoire

Tiandi Theatre Programs

China National Acrobatic Troupe, audiences are treated to a world-class performance featuring feats of breathtaking agility, balance and strength. National-level arts ensemble, won 42 first-place honors over the past half-century for 57 years. Devoted itself to preserving techniques of a traditional performing art whose history stretches back more than two millennia. With thieir nightly display of the world's most sophisticated acrobatic artistry. They promote this spectacular art which is so quintessentially Chinese.
In Love with Obsession - Contortionists
By stretching human body beyond its limitation, fulfilling male strength with female tenderness, this act presents the obsession of human love through sophisticated acrobatic techniques. The gracious posture intones a song of human love.
The Five Musical Elements - Ball Catching
Different from traditional ball juggling, this act is more difficult by throwing down the balls on the floor and then catching them. The real amazing part is to constantly throw down the balls while the acrobat climbing down and up the stairs. The nine balls juggling would be another highlight, earning the acrobat a reputation of “King of Nine Balls”.
Wings of the Wind - Bicycle Skill
Here you see a row of speeding bicycles – fast and slow. Here you see a group of city girls – young and energetic. This act presents a unique balancing skill on fasting moving bicycles you have ever seen. The most spectacular posture “peacock’s spreading tail” – a fantastic 24 persons making pose on two bicycles – is truly a gathering of all beauties can only be found here.
The original edition of this act won Golden Lion Award at the 3rd China National Acrobatic Festival.
Joyful Songs & Tunes - Plate Spinning
Festively singing and dancing, young actresses with ten plates spinning in their hands, present a variety of hardly possible techniques. “Backward bending on head” (a technique which one actress stands on her foot on the other person’s head, and bending backwards with her hands still holding the spinning plates) is truly an amazement, plus the marvelous accordion-like posture. This act is truly the top plate spinning program you can enjoy in China with its “Amazement, incredibility and Beauty”.The original edition of this act won Golden Lion Award at the 4th China National Acrobatic Festival.
Illusion upon the River - Silk Hanging Art
Performed on two silk ropes, two acrobats bring you a world class air artistic gymnastics. This act is a perfect combination of male body strength and beauty – vigorous and graceful. The sturdiness and wildness of beauty is really a song of life
Tales of Chivalrousness - Air Jumping and Catching
By throwing the partners into the air and catching them by hands, the acrobats are more like aerialists on the ground. It is an artistic gymnastic in the air. You will be amazed by the marvel movements and grandiose Chinese Kungfu in this act.
Crystal of White Snow - Contortionists with Glasses
On a small board supported by acrobats with their heads, the actresses present unbelievable contortion poses with their heads, feet and hands holding numerous glass pagodas. This act demonstrates the first class balancing and spectacular waist and leg contortion skills. The remarkable movement “Bottom single foot kicking with reversed hand balancing” (The bottom actress, with another sitting on her single foot, supports the two bodies only with her two hands) is a “WOW” technique that worth seeing.
The original edition of this act won Crystal Award at the 12th International Circus Festival of Massy, France.
Strategy on the Chessboard - Moving Poles
On five meter high poles, the acrobats present a variety of climbing, sliding, jumping, tumbling and on pole posing skills. As skillful as a monkey, as tender as a swallow, the acrobats are more like performing on the ground rather high up in the air. This act brings you into a tale of warrior legend.
The original edition of this act won Golden Award at the International Youth Circus Festival of Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1998.
Gorgeous Girls - Diabolo
This act is a unique combination of acrobatic diabolo techniques and Peking Opera Huadan (The vivacious young woman character in Peking Opera), the girls dress up in splendors, plus all kinds of difficult movements – skipping and catching diabolo, on table three rounds turning and catching diabolo, etc. – fill the authentic quite character with more vitality.
This act won President Award at the 26th International Circus Festival of Tomorrow, France and other golden awards both at home and abroad.
Marching and Arraying - Tumbling through Hoops
Passionately tumbling through hoops with a variety of speedy, coherent and dazzling somersaults, the act brings you a heart-quake feeling when the acrobat tumbling through the sixth hoop with gymnastic movement, not to mention the spectacular height of the eighth hoop 3.05 meters – the world high jump record. This is an act challenging gravity, performed with enthusiasms and lofty spirits.
The original edition of this act won Golden Award at the International Circus Festival of Warsaw, Poland in 1998
十三英杰神勇盖世,将稳练的顶碗技巧置于惊险的抛接技巧之中,“大穿桥”、“转单臂”、“五连传抛单臂”、 “轿子大抛上四节”,惊心动魄,酣畅淋漓,张扬浩然之气。
Buckjumps and Rhythm - Pagoda of Bowls
By combining the tradition bowl balancing skills with breathtaking throwing and catching techniques, this act gives you the uniqueness of rhythm and silence. With the bowls holding tightly by actress's foot the whole time, the magnificence in the Chinese characteristic is vividly presented. The spectacular key movements such as “single hand balancing and rolling”, “hand throwing and catching continuously” and “throwing up to the forth level” (two acrobats throw an actress to the top of a human pagoda with 3 persons standing vertically) can be found nowhere else in the world.
This act won Golden Clown Award at the 28th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo which is recognized as “Acrobatic Oscar” and other golden awards both at home and abroad.
Brave the Wind – Slack Wire
The swaying wire is just like the cable on a ship braving the wind and waves. The imperturbable boy performs sophisticated techniques such as “forward and backward somersaults and hand balancing” and “handstand on unicycle”, demonstrating his unbelievable balancing skills.
This act won Golden K Award at the 20th International Youth Circus Festival of Monaco.